Icy Roads: March 1, 2023

Icy Roads: March 1, 2023

Even for me, walking on our icy road conditions is getting annoying here in Minnesota!  I mean really, how often do you hear me complain?   Never, right?  Well, today that is going to change because not only is Nancy tired of wearing her ice cleats on her boots, I am tired of listening to her bellyache about the ice.    Trust me, we have tried all kinds of diversions to distract from complaining about the ice.

Let me think about those diversions while we are navigating the icy roads.   We often tend to walk through the snow on the sides of the road to avoid the ice. That  is a no brainer until we have to go back on the ice.  I think we are getting pretty good at doing ice dancing!   Maybe they can start an olympic sport of dog/human ice dancing?  Maybe not! Then,  we often listen  to  music or readings  with Nancy’s speaker phone from her cell phone.   I suppose my favorite is our ice dancing in silence because we make our own rhythm with the skills required to avoid falling.

It is the first day of March today, so we are also dreaming of warmer weather approaching to melt the ice this month.   Nancy was speaking of her precious sister who was born on March 1st.   She died  many years ago of heart complications at the young age of 16.    We paused a moment to reflect on how beautiful she was and all of our other  human and poodle companions that have left this earth.   So, here is to hoping   for days of dry roads and remembering special friends and family.  In the meantime, we will choreograph our ice dancing. 😉

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