Another Snowstorm! February 22, 2023

Another Snowstorm! February 22, 2023

As I sit in my special place on our couch, I am hearing reports of a huge snowstorm approaching today.  Last night, we received a teaser for what is to follow.   Nancy used the snowblower this morning to groom my snow maze.  Anyhow, I find it interesting how some humans almost panic when bad weather is predicted.

Think of all that I can do while we are snowed in for a few  days!   I can sleep, walk, and watch the TV series “Heartland” and repeat. Wait, that’s what I do all the time. I suppose the difference is that both of my human companions will be snowed in with me.☀️😊

Lately,  I have been reading old blogs written by the previous dogs that wrote about life with these humans I now live with.  OK, so there you go, another thing to do during snowstorms – reminiscing through the eyes of previous dogs.     The writings date back to 2006 and I believe there are quite a few more that are locked in the iWeb that was abruptly taken away by Apple years ago.   For various reasons, the writings were far longer than a few paragraphs and far too much personal information was divulged in those writings.   So no, I won’t be sharing most of those writings with the public here.   Perhaps a few very close friends can read them one day, just not now in this blog.

OK, sending some photos taken of me this morning out in the snow.  Have a great weekend!


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