Changes: February 9. 2023

Changes: February 9. 2023

I actually take pride in my relaxed attitude about my dog food.  But lately, I guess I’m not hiding the fact that I’m not too crazy about the food. Since Nancy monitors my food intake, she was becoming rather concerned that I wasn’t eating the food even with treats on it.  In the past , it wasn’t as if I didn’t try to eat it. Finally, I had to let her know I needed a change in my food.

Just think about how often you humans change your food?  I don’t even beg for human food. After all, why would I want to eat things like avocados, greek  yogurt or even apples?!  Perhaps what I am trying to say is that I don’t think us dogs like change.  Usually Nancy buys my food locally. This time, it was ordered on-line  because she had a great coupon.  There, changes happening!

While I keep a positive attitude about my new food arriving next week, I will reflect on change.   While I know changing foods or changing shopping for those foods is not a genius decision, I do know that we can all grow from change.  At least, I keep telling my humans that change can be good in other areas of their lives.   I am not talking about dog food now.  Rather,  I assure them that in real life changes, I will be there for them.   My love for them will NEVER change.

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