January 19, 2023: Silence

January 19, 2023: Silence

It’s time for yet another random blog.  I was hoping  the  fresh air on my walk  today would jolt my creative juices;  but,I was wrong.   All I can think about is how I can’t seem to focus on anything to write about.   Maybe this is the time that I should break it to my human companions that I am just a dog!?

Silence can never be overrated!  You may think, oh, Harmony is just trying to evade the real reasons for not writing her blog?  But seriously, think about the times that you chose to be silent because there were not any words.    I think humans can learn a lot from us dogs.   We may look like we don’t do much; but, we tend to think that while silence can never be overrated, speech can be  overrated!  Perhaps I think that because sometimes my human companions talk too much!    Gosh, I have witnessed Nancy reading books on the art of silence…..keeping it zipped!   Actually, she did not have to read about it, she could have just watched by my example 😉!

Snow is settling on the landscape once again this day.  My endeavor to reduce stress with all this snow shoveling will suffice for the morning.   I will continue to be myself as the energizer poodle in the beautiful new snow.  Hopefully, my cuteness (yup, I said that!) will make all the shoveling in my snow maze bearable for Nancy.



One thought on “January 19, 2023: Silence

  1. To me, January *is* one of those silent months. A chance to catch our breath after the flurry of activity that comes with the holidays, and perhaps a nod to our ancestral roots when January meant hibernation. I’m thrilled to see you enjoying the snow maze Harmony! I was finally able to go for a walk today after many weeks of workouts in the basement. It was wonderful and made me anxious for spring! I know, I’m getting ahead of myself especially with an impending cold front, but at least we’re seeing longer days! Looking forward to more sunshine (even if it will be cold) and longer days every day. Have a great week!

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