January 10, 2023

January 10, 2023

After writing my Ten Days of Gratitude from a Dog’s Perspective, I decided everyone needed a PAWS from my blogs.  Well, mostly I needed the pause!  Funny thing after I told you that we don’t do resolutions around here for the New Year, I have had to help Nancy chart every food item she eats to evaluate the nutrition, etc.   While she won’t call it a diet, I do know she has finally started to lose some weight.    As long as she doesn’t put me on a “diet” because if anything, I could use some more healthy treats this year!

After spending so much time in my back yard navigating the snow maze, I understand  the concept of  claustrophobia.   Just look at the  high  snow banks  on each side of me.  Fortunately, I did not experience severe claustrophobia which would involve extreme dizziness, chest pains and shaking, etc.  But, I could sense the inevitable if I did return back into my safe home.  The bonus of my snow maze in the backyard is that I seem to be going on more walks so I can release the anxiety from that snow maze.

Most  of you already are aware that we had massive amounts of snow last week, right?  I listened to some entertaining stories about snowed in guests during past years.   While we did not have anyone snowed in with us, I am curious if any of my readers had some people or pets snowed in with you?


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