Happy New Year! 2023

Happy New Year! 2023

It’s a good thing that everyday is the same for us dogs.  Otherwise, I would be compelled to write about possible New Year’s resolutions. Oh, not resolutions for me; but, for my human companions.  That would actually leave me with an empty blog because they don’t do resolutions either.  While it is definitely true that they are always trying to lose those extra pounds, they need to develop more discipline.

Our idea of a perfect New Year’s Eve night this year was  watching the TV series, “Heartland” which we discovered on the free Tubi app.   You can google this series and learn that it is a horse lover’s  movie. So far, there are sixteen seasons.    Gosh, how is it that we never heard of this interesting series?     Clueless was I that Nancy has such a love of horses.  Perhaps, it is simply that she understands many of us animals.  You know she is always trying to get into my head and the scary part is that she usually reads me correctly!

So, what am I to say for New Year’s week  for you humans if I don’t quite get it, except Happy New Year!  Actually, maybe I will give everyone some advice after all. This year take time to listen to each other. Really listen when you ask them how they are.  I suppose I can take some credit for training Nancy on how to be a better listener.    When she calls me over for a chat, I crawl into  her lap and I listen.      See, us dogs figure out how to teach humans the simplicities of life.    Listen!     Let your love grow exponentially  for the people in your life this year as you listen more to their hearts.

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  1. Happy New Year! I don’t do resolutions either. Instead, I add things to my To-Do list. Today was a great day – crossed off cleaning the oven, the refrigerator and freezer. Last week it was organizing the basement, a task that was LONG overdue. I’m grateful to not only be able to do these tasks, but also to have time off work to get them done! I loved your gratitude posts – it reminded me of the all-campus read “Book of Delights” that we read this fall. It was about a year-long process of journaling about delights. It was fun to read about how he started with only a few but as the weeks passed, he found he had to make choices about which gratitude to write about because he noticed so many. I look forward to reading about all of the things you’re grateful for and choose to write about in 2023!

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