Day 10, Ten Days of Gratitude, December 28, 2022

Day 10, Ten Days of Gratitude, December 28, 2022

Here it is already Day 10 of Ten Days of Gratitude from a Dog’s Perspective. As I stated earlier, I could have made this far more than Ten Days of Gratitude so on this last day of this series, I need to lump so many more into Day 10.   In other words, I am thankful for EVERYTHING!   When I say I am grateful for Alicia and Andy for hosting my website, it is no less gratitude than my companions or my nice neighbors and friends.    I am basically grateful for this life in every moment.  Come on, I am a dog that simply is on a mission to help my humans take life less seriously,  I see the best in everyone if you have not noticed.

Actually,  I am so thankful that I am a dog instead of a human.   Hear me out on this one.    Humans experience far more emotions  than we do and therefore, worry tends to overwhelm them at times. Often,   I have come to the revelation  that   one of my missions  is to   remind my companions how to shed those undesirable emotions.  One of my many strategies is to go on a walk.

Gosh, this week while on one of those walks,  I met some  lovely people from Sweden.  They were adorable and they seemed to like me too.   I don’t think humans can fake it when they like us dogs.  I think I helped those Swedish friends smile a bit,  as you can see from the photo. They definitely made our hearts warm and hopeful for showing us their  kindness and laughter.

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