Ten Days of Gratitude, Day 9, December 27, 2022

Ten Days of Gratitude, Day 9, December 27, 2022

For Day 9 of Ten Days of Gratitude, I am going to add something that was not on my original list.   I am so thankful for my snow maze in the backyard.   Often, I read about humans enjoying different kinds of mazes in their lives.   There are the corn field mazes, ice mazes and of course snow mazes.   OK, so mine isn’t quite as claustrophobic as some of the human mazes; but, I am not complaining.   Besides, can you imagine my companions if they can’t check on me outside to see my every move?

My snow maze was first created with a shovel, until Nancy realized there was  too much snow.    I think she loves running that snowblower to give her the feeling of power.   Whenever I run through the deep snow, I realize why you humans wear snow shoes!   My muttluks just are not the same as those cool snow shoes.

It has been so bitter cold here that I have not yet  had the opportunity to enjoy  outdoor maze.  Starting today, the temperatures are to be far warmer which means more walk and maze time.   Occasionally, I try to comprehend the English language of humans.  This time as I was thinking of the word maze.  I found it interesting that of course the words “amaze” and  “amazing”  have  similar origins.   “The word maze has amazing origins! Literally. It comes from the Middle English word mase, which was an alternate spelling of masen, meaning “perplex” or “bewilder”. That comes from Old English amasen, which had the same definition and is also the source of the word amazing.”  Adam Aleksic  Now, isn’t that amazing!

Yup, my maze is simply amazing!    Once again, it is the simple joys of life.  We don’t have to make our own life to be such a maze.  Be amazing in our/your  maze!

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