Merry Christmas! 2022

Merry Christmas! 2022

Merry Christmas!  (Ok, I realize this is a day late; but, I seriously wrote it last night and was just too lazy to publish it via the website.)  You didn’t think I would forget to write a Christmas blog, did you?! Actually, I can combine my Day 8 of Ten Days of Gratitude with my Christmas greeting. I am so grateful for our visits to the farm!  Because of the bitter cold weather, I was unable to run outside a lot today. But, true to my quiet demeanor, I layed on my sherpa  blanket under the kitchen table. 

Farm visits are always interesting with never a dull moment.  From the chatter of all those brothers and sisters to listening to the card game chatter. Reminiscing stories of the past help me understand my companions.  I suppose some stories are never meant to share. It is amazing what I hear while sitting quietly under that table!

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus. I feel rather honored that my birthday is so near Christmas 🎄 Just think about it.  Jesus was born in a humble country setting,   so since I was born in December too, why not love  the farm’s peaceful country setting too?!  Constantly, Jesus made the lowly people feel valued.  Now, I sure could never compare myself to Jesus; but, I do like to make everyone feel special.

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