Ten Days of Gratitude, Day 6, December 19, 2022

Ten Days of Gratitude, Day 6, December 19, 2022

Certainly, it was wise of me to state earlier that my Ten Days of Gratitude are not in any particular order.    Because, day 6 is going to address all the humans that I am so grateful for in my life.    Where do I start?    From my home companions, breeder, my blog creator and hosts  to my amazing Vet Clinic team, I can never give ample gratitude to them.    When I think about all of these people, they all have the common bond that keep resonating loudly through these days of gratitude.   That bond is love!

I really could write a book about my breeder, Jill.   She is such a humble breeder and vet!   Jill  has devoted so much time into my breed, standard poodles.    Did you know that when she found my current home, Nancy & Greg had two other standard poodles and were very hesitant about keeping me? (I know, seriously, now that seems unforgivable!)   But, I stayed and helped navigate their grief when they had to say good-bye to both Serenade and Louie.    Jill knew that I had such an important place in their lives.  However, little did she know that I would be cajoled to continue this LightheartedLouie blog!?  Thank you for everything Jill!

Gosh, I went from one great breeder vet to an incredible vet clinic.   I also can’t thank Dr. Jackie and her whole team for their fabulous care which of course includes intelligence mixed in with an abundance of love and wisdom.  To say Dr. Jackie is amazing is truly an understatement.    She not only takes care of pets, she is a human magnet too.   I am forever grateful for the care she has given me and I love to visit everyone at her clinic.  Nancy always says that we always need great doctors, whether human or canine.

You know how much I love my blog creator  and her husband host.   Alicia and Andy have been there for me day or night.   I would not be able to continue this blog without their vast knowledge of webpages and hosting a website.   Truly,  along with their adorable french bull dog, Brie I am forever grateful.   In fact, I sure do miss seeing their family.

Lastly,  I save my gratitude for my home companions because I do write about them quite often already.  They are of course, family.   They love me unconditionally, even when I play tricks on them about coming inside when I choose to be stubborn and remain outdoors.  I have Nancy so well trained that now, sometimes the only way I go inside is when she asks if I want to go for a walk or ride.  I know, we all have our quirks and our true friends love us through all of them.  Gosh, good thing I don’t list my companions quirks!   Anyhow, day 6 – I love all of my humans in my life!


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