Ten Days of Gratitude, Day 3, December 15, 2022

Ten Days of Gratitude, Day 3, December 15, 2022

Never underestimate how much I love sleep and rest, even if I love to be active too!  Remember how I stated that my list of gratitudes contained far more than ten?  Well,  on day three of my Ten Days of Gratitude, I am choosing both sleep and rest as one.   However, as you are probably already aware, sleep and rest  are quite different.    In G. Divanshi’s article “Difference Between Sleep and Rest” she defines sleep as ” an unconscious and altered state of the body with no physical activity, emphasising the revitalisation of the body”.   Her definition of rest is”a wakeful, conscious state where the body is not involved in any physical activity and all the muscles and organs are calm and composed”.  I decided to use those quotes because she is far more eloquent in her words than this dog can master to define sleep and rest.

After reading more about the differences between sleep and rest, I decided to keep this short and simple.  Besides, I have to rest  after my research.    You can always google G. Divanshi and read more of her article.  I am so grateful for sleep and rest  that I have taught my companions to cherish it as well!  Perhaps many of you reading this need more sleep  and rest these days.    Just a few ways I rest are by listening to music, chatting with my companions and watching TV.     Sleep, that is something we all need and I am grateful that I can sleep almost anywhere.  I think I help my companions get their sleep by not waking them up too early.   We don’t want them grabby,  after all!

Would you like to know how people in my home rest?  HA!  I am going to tell you anyway.   Greg  gets rest  by turning wood.  While Nancy said she has many ways to rest.  Her favorite in the past years has been to work on her own saxophone compositions.  Whether they are ever published or recorded are not important right now because they allow  her  the sole purpose to  rest.   It goes without saying that they both rest and that they love my company during their rest and sleep.


One thought on “Ten Days of Gratitude, Day 3, December 15, 2022

  1. The absolutely stunning photo of you is worthy of rest and peace. It makes me want another standard like you – but who would not want that. I recently gave a Christmas decoration I really liked to someone who really loved it and it made me grateful that I could give something away that I still loved and wanted. It really WAS more blessed to give than to receive in that case and makes me want to do it more. Love you for your gratitude attitude and keep it up. It serves us all well all the time – not just at Christmas.

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