Ten Days of Gratitude: Day 2, December 14, 2022

Ten Days of Gratitude: Day 2, December 14, 2022

By now, some of you may be imagining what my list will include for the Ten Days of Gratitude from a Dog’s Perspective.   Others will be contemplating  their own gratitudes for their   lives.   Whichever it is, we are  in a better place when we are grateful, instead of dwelling on any negative thoughts.  Actually, as I was thinking about my Ten Days of Gratitude, I realized the list could have been far longer.  I hope that you too will realize that you have far more gratefulness in your lives.

Drum roll!  My daily WALKS  is the gratitude for day two.   By the way, these days of gratitude may not be in order of importance.   There is never a dull moment on our walks. During the winter months, our path can be challenging to navigate on the snow & ice.  We do love a challenge and my paws do far better on the ice than any human shoes or boots.    When the paths are dry, then we tend to listen more intently to the beauty of the sounds around us.    Also, I love those long chats both in silence and words with Nancy while we walk each day.

Of course, the obvious advantage of my daily walks is exercise!   Both humans and dogs need their exercise.   I know I can take credit for persuading Nancy to go on a few walks a day and for that, I am happy.  I love taking in all the smells, sights and sounds while outside.   I restrain myself when I see a squirrel because a quick jolt away from my leash could leave anyone flat on their back.  Maybe we should check out if there are any indoor dog walking areas  for another option for our winter walks.  Anyhow, I hope can  take a walk today?!

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