Ten Days of Gratitude From a Dog’s Perspective: December 13, 2022

Ten Days of Gratitude From a Dog’s Perspective: December 13, 2022

As I am resting on my couch this quiet Tuesday morning, I decided that I think the world needs to focus on things to be grateful for this December.  So, let this be the first day of the Ten Days of Gratitude from a Dog’s Perspective to Humans.   I am so thankful for a loving home which is really quite obvious to all of you.  Yup, I am rather spoiled with love.  Gosh, many dogs have to stay outside and never get to be indoors.   I suppose they are loved  too,  just in a different circumstances.

Actually, I think most dogs live to please and love their companions.   I like Susie Larson’s quote “It’s impossible to love others when your goal is to impress them. We’re not capable of serving others when we have an insatiable appetite to be served, lauded, and hailed.”   I think the only time I have tried to impress anyone was back in my dog show days and then, I was only trying to impress the judges to please my awesome breeder, Jill.  Living in my loving homes over the years has never escaped my appreciation.

With this being the first day out of the ten days of gratitude, rest assured that I have so much more to share over the next weeks.  I suppose  my first note of gratitude of living in a loving home  will encompasses all the other nine gratitudes.  Feel free to share some of your gratitudes in my comments.  Remember, the only person that sees your email address is me.

One thought on “Ten Days of Gratitude From a Dog’s Perspective: December 13, 2022

  1. Love the reflection on gratitude, and where do I even begin with all that I’m grateful for? Health, because it’s so critical for truly everything. Family and friends because relationships, as the pandemic reminded us, are so critical to enjoying life. Music, of course! Clean air and water, a wonderful home and neighbors, work that fuels my purpose and colleagues that are smart and supportive. Travel – because the world is such a big and beautiful place. And so on….. Hoping we can all dig deep and find gratitude for our weather – not what one would hope for in MN in mid-December but the precipitation is so welcome. Wishing you a day filled with life’s blessings!

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