December 8, 2022

December 8, 2022

It is quite reassuring to know that I don’t  seem to deal with some of the human emotions that tend to plague  humans.   I think the only thing I become anxious about is when my own humans become anxious and then, they seem to calm down when they witness any hint of stressing me out.   It is like I am a multimeter to  measure stress because the minute I sense it, I have a built-in ability to relieve that stress to a manageable level.  Pretty cool, huh!

Obviously, it is not a new revelation that I don’t  suffer from anxiety.   After all, there are many dogs who become extremely anxious and fearful when they sense a storm approaching.   Fear has not been a part of my  life yet and I hope I can avoid it.    “Anxiety and fear are cousins but not twins.    Fear sees a threat.  Anxiety imagines one.”  Max Lucado   Don’t you think that is an interesting quote?  So, while both humans and dogs can experience fear and anxiety, a huge difference is that us dogs don’t sit around and get therapy for either. But rather, we often become the therapy for those suffering from anxiety.

Now, with very much sadness, I have to share that one of my favorite readers passed away a few weeks ago.  Her name was Vonnie and she was such a lovely woman.    So often, she would reply to the blog emails.   Her emails were always so encouraging and kind.   I will continue writing this blog in honor of beautiful people like Vonnie and others that I may have the privilege to lighten their heart on this earth. Vonnie, we loved you and already miss you!

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