Hand Me Down Dog Jackets, December 1, 2022

Hand Me Down Dog Jackets, December 1, 2022

Hello again!  After allowing Nancy to write the blog last week, I suppose you may appreciate my writing more?!  Lighthearted does not quite define her, yet that is where I  come to her aid.   We all have those humans or pets that seem to bring us back to reality.   During the month of December, I hope you will enjoy the beauty of the Christmas season as much as I do.   I love all the lights from the Christmas tree to the other lights blinking around us, reminding all of us to try to sparkle in some way.   So thankful am I that Nancy doesn’t make me wear lights on my collar or those red sweaters that she once adorned on my standard poodle siblings.

For us at this home, we really enjoy the simplicities of nature.    Our first major snowfall happened on Tuesday this past week.   As you can see in the photos, I had to wear a handy me down jacket to protect me from the very wet snow.   Now, I definitely would love to design a better dog jacket with a far better hood than that silly blue one.   By the way, I will almost do anything to go for a walk; but, this blue jacket certainly was pushing my limits.  I was very relieved yesterday that the silly blue jacket sat on the floor as we left for our walks.

I will try to hide the blue jacket, “out of sight, out of mind!” as you humans say.   Did you know that saying came from  John Heywood  in 1546  “Time is fickle, and out of sight out of mind. Then catch and hold while I may, fast bind fast find.”  Yup, even us dogs wonder where all of those cliche sayings originate!  Those other hand me down dog coats are so out of sight now, so that Nancy can’t even find them.  Oh goodie!   Enjoy your first week of December! 

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  1. I share your love of light Harmony! Winter? Not so much. Although meditating on the lightheartedness of snow can take me back to times when it was exciting and felt like less of a nuisance. And I suppose it reflects light and makes everything brighter! And I really do live a white Christmas. I’m not sure about you, but I am living all the music the brings. It moves my soul and songs bring back memories of old,. In these darkest of days before the solstice, I find light especially in music. Wishing you a light- and music-filled week ahead!

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