Happy Thanksgiving from Nancy: November 24, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving from Nancy: November 24, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving!  This time I am allowing Nancy to write my blog early Thanksgiving morning.   Yes, I am allowing her to write since she woke me up at 4:30 A.M. again.  So I already need a nap!

Hello!   Please allow me to take this time to say thanks and HAPPY THANKSGIVING  to all of Harmony’s readers.  Some of you have been silent readers for many years, while others have shared such meaningful and insightful comments.   Please know that I appreciate ALL of my readers.  As you know, I sit back and allow Harmony to share whatever she feels appropriate for this “lighthearted” blog; but, if I was writing it, you would find it far too philosophical and overly  pensive.  It is important for all of us to look at this profound life we exist in and come to terms that to be lighthearted is quite simple as Harmony often points out.  Quite frankly, I actually think that is why God gifted us so many beautiful animals on this earth, to remind us of the simple joys of this life on earth.

Since this blog is read by perhaps many beyond those that I e-mail  each week, I won’t get very personal except to say that I am in constant awe of the beauty that surrounds me when I go on many walks with Harmony (and Greg).   For those that truly know me, you know my faith in Jesus is what I am most thankful for; that is even far more important than my beautiful family and friends.   That said, because I am ultra-sensitive, I allow Harmony to write about staying lighthearted because if I were writing, my tears for so much hurting in this world would wreck my computer keyboard.

Harmony pulls me away when she sees I need a touch of  positive perspective.  Beyond a doubt, I often marvel at how music  brings me back to my peaceful state.  From the many unfinished compositions to the many hours of  long tone work, I know that the process is as important as the end of the journey to achieve my dreams.    My dreams may never be materialized here on earth; but, I am most thankful that in eternity, all pitches will be perfect and all dreams will be far beyond anything we could have imagined here on earth.

Now, aren’t you glad that Harmony usually writes this blog and keeps it shorter!   Have a lovely Thanksgiving weekend!



2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving from Nancy: November 24, 2022

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Oh my, there is so much to be thankful for! Health, family, friends, music, pets, the beautiful nature that surrounds us. But I’m especially grateful for your blogs Harmony. They always strike a chord, even when I’m not able to leave a comment. It’s such a fun way to start off a day, or a week. reading your blog always gets me in the right mindset. So I’m wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend full of everything you love! May abundant blessings and gratitude fill the days and weeks ahead. Cheers!

    1. Dear Dana, We hope that you had a lovely Thanksgiving too! Thank you from both of us for your beautifully written comments all of these years. I hope you realize how your comments encourage us to continue this blog. May you also have abundant blessings throughout the Christmas season. With so much gratitude to you and all of my readers!

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