Thankful! November 21, 2022

Thankful! November 21, 2022

Recently, I watched Nancy try  a new King Arthur recipe for Banana bread.   The results were so good that half of the loaf went to her Mom.  So, no surprise when she decided to double the batch after she bought a bunch of bananas.   Yup, she tends to bake when the Minnesota Vikings are on TV.  Back to the baking, as you know she loves to bake until a fiasco overtakes her experimenting.   She had to bake the two loaves separately because one was a stone loaf pan and that required a lower temperature.  That was not the problem.   The problem was that both loaves came out doughy in the middle so only the two ends were salvageable.  She even baked the second loaf until it looked too baked!   Her theory is that the bananas were NOT ripe enough and that it is a recipe that is not meant to be doubled?

You ask, what does this have to do with me, a dog?  Well, besides for  the fact that she could have been baking those homemade dog treats that I have been hinting for, we could have gone on a mighty fine long walk during that time allotted for baking! But, hey, it is Thanksgiving week and I am so so grateful that we were all together all day long.   Once again, there I was witnessing another one of Nancy’s epiphanies.  After all,  she did not learn to make her frosted sugar cookies from one recipe, rather it took years of experimenting with certain butters and powdered sugars.    Oh boy, yup, I am so thankful that I think she won’t obsess about the flopped banana bread for long.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my readers!  You give me another purpose.  Can I get all mushy on you now?   My blog is written because I am grateful for YOU, my readers.    You are the ones who humor me each week when you either email me  or leave a comment.  If you are reading this far into my blog, that means you finish reading my blog.  It also means that you   give me a chance to say that  this dog really loves writing this blog because we all have to process this life we are living, dog or human.   THANK  YOU and HAPPY  THANKSGIVING!!!



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