Mouse Traps: November 13, 2022

Mouse Traps: November 13, 2022

Yesterday, we threw  out about ten mouse traps because the peanut butter had dried up in them.  One mouse had even run off with the trap and was half mutilated in our storage area (I know, gross).   After the traps were  disinfected,  Greg shouted “No, you can’t save those traps, you must throw them out and use new ones.”   So, yup, we sent Nancy  out to buy  new ones.  Now, they are ready with peanut butter applied in the storage space.

Nancy admitted that she hates setting the mouse traps.  Before Greg’s stroke that left him half paralyzed, he was the designated mouse patrol. But, she added that  there is something about doing some of those “guy” jobs that is rather invigorating!   You can admit it; we all have those thoughts of what are men and women jobs?  Gosh, I am certain that you don’t think a dog can write a blog also!  HA!

Here is Nancy’s comment about certain jobs around here.  “I am thankful that growing up with so many brothers, I didn’t feel I was limited to my capabilities.  But, I still cringe when I see a mouse in the trap, because  we never saw mice in our farmhouse.”       Fortunately, she does not dangle that rodent in front of me when she catches them.   Don’t even suggest that she get a cat to catch mice.   Yes, Greg and I would love a cat; but, that is nonnegotiable for Nancy.

Other than the mouse trap adventures, snow is slowly arriving here.  Stay tuned in for this white fluffy  snow as I don’t let it detour my ball fetching games.   I am including a photo of snow fun from last winter season 2022.




3 thoughts on “Mouse Traps: November 13, 2022

  1. I also grew up in an old farmhouse and the mousetraps went off constantly. As kids, we’d hear that sound, look at each other, and pretend we didn’t hear it because no one wanted to deal with what was in the trap. And then, yes, my mom would insist we take it out to the cats because nothing was to be wasted on the farm. I still have mouse phobia today. Cats are extremely effective but dogs can be trained! My parents’ rat terrier was incredible at hunting all types of rodents, Ike? Well, he specialized in fox, not mice, though he enjoyed chasing them! Here’s hoping your house stays mouse free!

  2. Oh Harmony, your insight on catching a mouse (or watching Nancy) made me laugh out loud. When I lived in a farmhouse, we saw mice, too. I was forced to get my daughter a beautiful white kitten. We named her Aspen. Honestly, we never saw another mouse in the house after that and we loved the cat 13 years. Maybe tell Nancy you need a kitty! They can be quite hilarious! Best of luck with the new mouse traps! I agree, peanut butter works really well, …but you and Greg should convince her to get a white cat. 😉

  3. The mouse patrol around here is handled by my husband. I don’t “do” mice so that’s his job and he’s good at it. We get them going into the garage at this time of year but not as many. We are fresh out of cats but they do a good job. Too bad Nancy does not want/like cats. When we had our two cats we NEVER saw mice. The dogs have not had the chance to try out any mouse catching skills and that’s OK with me! They have other jobs – like chasing squirrels off the deck and barking at the UPS guy. They are busy enough without having to worry about mice. Keep up the good work Nancy. Those “guy” jobs are quite easily handled by strong women and it is satisfying to be able to do things that need doing! Happy snow days coming up!

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