Election Day: November 8, 2022

Election Day: November 8, 2022

It is Election Day here in the  USA and while I stay away from delicate subjects on my blog, I need to remind everyone to unite.    After all, I do tend to think that us dogs can unite people by surprise.   Do you ever notice how when a dog or any pet is in a commercial, so many people oooh and ah?!  Perhaps it is because our mission is to help people smile and we try to think the best of everyone.    We don’t even judge people who don’t allow dogs in their businesses or events.

When I was overlooking Nancy’s journal today, I read an appropriate quote from a  Susie Larson book.  She speaks about not allowing humans to ” keep their  gaze on the fears of this life, unloving people, and the stresses of your circumstances, you’ll forget that there’s so much more going on than meets the eye”.   So, allow me to echo the obvious, don’t let political views prevent you from loving each other.

There, now I am done with anything close to politics for the year.    Other than the Election Day “stuff” I must say that I am quite dreading the colder weather.  I do however, anticipate making dog snow angels in the snow when it arrives.   Nancy claims that us dogs are a form of angels at times.  I like that idea too.

My humans voted early at their city hall.

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