Family Reunion: November 4, 2022

Family Reunion: November 4, 2022

There was a family reunion  (without dogs) from Nancy’s family side last weekend.  Of course, with people’s busy schedules, there  were a lot of people unable to attend. Actually, I prefer to think that they chose not attending because they weren’t going to see me?  Oh my, sometimes, I can really be self-absorbed and that is not meant to happen as a dog.    I just pinch my tail and I am set back to my reality.

I materialized in my brain the  brilliant idea for a reunion with my dog family?   There would be my litter mates of course from our perfect puppyhood at Jill’s home.   As we would compare our lives with our human families, I would downplay my pampering at my home because I would never want to boast about my situation.  Hmmmm……I may be a bit envious when I learn of how some of them went on to do agility.  Nope, I am not letting myself go to those thoughts.    Humans get themselves into trouble all the time when they compare, RIGHT!     Besides, I try to imagine life outside of my home.  Not really, I like my family; but, I can always use more writing material.
Now, back to the actual reunion. The report was that it is was a fun event. There was plenty of food  and relatives of all ages from age baby – 93.   It reminded everyone of the precious gifts of family and their unconditional love.   Nancy said that a lot of people don’t really know each other that well; but, the deep love for family keeps them united.  There, that is enough for me.   I think that my given name is so much part of family, don’t you!?    Let us all enjoy HARMONY with our friends and family!

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