Fall Sugar Cookies: October 30, 2022

Fall Sugar Cookies: October 30, 2022

Sugar cookies with a fall theme made their premiere at  our home.  Usually, Nancy only makes these sugar cookies at  Christmas or Valentine’s Day, so  this all came as a surprise to me.   It was cool having her home all day because that is a long process with the baking and frosting.   But seriously, wouldn’t you think she could pull out those dog treat pans and make me some home-made biscuits too?    I suppose I need to go look in storage for those pans.

Predictability may be overrated, so I should not  think about not having home-made dog biscuits.    Have you ever  dreaded going to an event, only to be pleasantly surprised by the outcome?  I know that it a major problems with humans – you predict this or that or worse, you put expectations on people or events only to be let down only because you had such high hopes.     If this dog can give you one bit of advice today it is this;  continue to live with less expectations  and JUST LIVE.

Now, back to those cookies.   If you didn’t receive any, it is probably because you did not request any?  HA!  Oh, you expected to magically receive some without asking, there you go again you humans!   Nancy has learned not to give them away unless people ask because not everyone wants sugar!   There I  go again with that “expectation” subject.  So, my next bit of advice is to simply let my baker Nancy know if you want any sugar cookies.  If you are reading this blog, you know how to reach her.    They are just cookies;  but,  the love put into them is contagious!

2 thoughts on “Fall Sugar Cookies: October 30, 2022

  1. The cookies are gorgeous, each an artwork of its own. How fun to watch these beautiful treats being created right around Halloween. I’m sure there were many overjoyed humans! Perhaps Nancy was practicing on the humans first in order to perfect the dog cookies that will come next in equal abundance! Of course, no predicting or expectations in that statement 😉 Enjoy the weekend!

  2. Nancy is VERY talented with her cookie baking (and other things as well, for sure). I love how she does the marbling on the frosting. How does she do that? That is a HUGE batch so lots of love going out to lots of people I see. Too bad Harmony, that you did not get your dog treats but I have the feeling that will happen soon. Patience is a virtue dogs have way more than we humans do.

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