Finally, Groomed! October 24, 2022

Finally, Groomed! October 24, 2022

Nothing like being groomed right before the snow falls!  Wasn’t it  a few weeks ago when I was all excited about that box from chewy?   You know, the box that had two replacement blades for the mini razors, along with new treats and toys.     Fast forward a few weeks and our very last warm weekend of fall when  I finally had my bath and was groomed.   I do think that I look rather pretty, if I may so myself!  So often, I hear humans speak so  cheerfully about getting their hair cut.   It really is a happy event to be  clean and groomed, isn’t it?!

Just about the time when I needed all that extra warm hair, it was cut off.  But, have no fear because I have mastered the art of Louie’s legacy – lightheartedness!  Now, it will be time to find all of those hand-me-down dog coats, just in case it gets too cold before my hair grows.     Or, since I run so fast, maybe I won’t get cold anyway?   By now, you might be running in circles trying to keep up with my strategic planning.  Of course, if all else fails with staying warm, there are always the multiple sheepskin blankets around our house.

What else should I talk about today? Well, we got a lot done these past days with all the leaf clean-up.  Next year, I am going to request that I too get ear plugs because that backpack blower is too loud.  Come on, can’t someone design AirPods for dogs??   But, I have to say, I sure was dodging a lot of  walnuts falling in our backyard.  Then, there are the walnut leaves and they are really not a pretty sight.  I am so glad that my humans rake up those nasty leaves. Apparently, the reward for cleaning up the yard was my grooming day.  Imagine that….”Imagine all the people, livin’ life in peace”  – sorry!   Whoops, why am I hearing that Beetle’s song in my head.   Probably because I hope you have a week of “livin’ life in peace” just like the song sings!


2 thoughts on “Finally, Groomed! October 24, 2022

  1. Looking good Harmony! I am also the type that will randomly think of a song and start singing it. Love that you actually wrote it down and shared it. Hopefully there will be more people in the world wanting to sing the same song! Enjoy your day!

  2. You look GORGEOUS! My boys, Dylan and Roy, need grooming very badly, especially Dylan. I keep putting it off but I see Nancy is much more proactive about getting the necessary things done. I should take a lesson from her, but not likely that will happen. Enjoy your beautiful grooming and soon we will all be brushing off the snow, and it’s all OK as we are expecting it. Bring joy as you always do and no matter the season it is important and cherished. It doesn’t hurt that you look beautiful while bringing that joy – keep it up – it is inspiring!

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