Backpack Blowing: October 8, 2022

Backpack Blowing: October 8, 2022

I am beginning to think that us dogs can write about our infinite  adventures with our favorite balls forever.   In the last blog, I wrote about my orange ball constantly being lost in the leaves.    So, instead of complaining about it, I was able to create a game.  My attempts at getting a new “blue” ball never transpired, so I had to be creative.   Do you all remember the “Where’s Waldo?” game?  Well, that is what I played this morning for quite a long time.   OK, I will admit that I did not look for the ball  all alone.   When my ball is thrown, I run to fetch it and at times, I get distracted and lose the ball.   That seems trivial to you; but, try living with Nancy when we can’t find the orange ball.

Ultimately, Greg and I persuaded  Nancy to backpack blow all the leaves so I would not lose the orange ball.  Come on, it was a win win idea because we were outside another 90 minutes. While Nancy listened to her music with her AirPods, I was able to soak in nature without listening to her  jibber-jabber.   OK, some days she doesn’t talk much and maybe I would rather hear her jibber-jabber than her singing to her music.   When Nancy puts her AirPods in, she said she gets to travel to those happy places and that too is a win win deal.  Happy people in our homes makes happy dogs and people!

So, we were outside a lot today.   It is so good for everyone.  I know that Nancy needs distractions right now and I am a master at taking her to her comfort zone. We take a lot of walks and sit on many hills.  Most of all, we are there for each other.   Let us all take advantage of the fall season vigor to refresh your life with continued time outside.



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