Get Outside: October 4, 2022

Get Outside: October 4, 2022

Swishing through the leaves  is not only refreshing, it has quite a nice rhythm to it as well!    It seems as though it was just yesterday when I was running through the front yard without any leaves on the ground.  Now, there are so many fallen leaves. My orange ball could be easily mistaken for a big blob of orange.  Frequently, we have to interrupt our fetch game to search for my ball.   Why doesn’t someone make those balls bright blue so they would stick out among the fall leaves?!   Gosh, that seems like a no-brainer, so why does it take a dog brain to nudge the humans for the obvious?

I recently glanced at an e-mail Nancy received.  It was  titled, “Hope in the Chaos of Life – Get Outside” and of course, I smiled.   The anticipation of any e-mail that tells anyone to get outside is worth reading, don’t you think?  But, my first thought was “DUH” why would anyone have to be told to get outside, anyway?    Even though I live indoors, doesn’t mean I prefer to be indoors.  Nope, I am rather fortunate in that I get the best of both the indoors and outdoors.   I get to motivate my humans to get outside to be refreshed.

While I love the fall season, I like to go outside no matter the weather.    John Eldridge says “Encounter weather whenever you can. Don’t hide from it; experience it.”     I get outside  to soak in sun or rain!  The same wise man also strongly suggests to leave those cell phones at home  when you walk to soak in more of nature’s beauty.   But then, you wouldn’t be seeing these photos of me surrounded by this gorgeous fall season if I did not bring a cell phone.


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