Beating Heart: September 30, 2022

Beating Heart: September 30, 2022

By now, I am hoping that  you have immersed yourself in the canvas of tree colors.  Each day, the palette changes as does the sun’s spotlight. Seriously, the beauty surrounding me on my walks is quite breathtaking. Gosh, I almost forgot that I am a dog, so I better get back to thinking like a dog!

There I was just strolling on our one of many daily walks when I realized that I had achieved one goal in this dog life.  I had taught Nancy to slow down.  On our walks, together we were  inhaling and exhaling   all of this  beautiful grandeur  of this earth.  Us dogs may not be able to properly explain to humans our mind set; but, we certainly can attempt to teach you without words.  At the end of the day, I am content if I see my humans at peace and content too.

I have learned so much about music in this home.  For instance, why do you think so many musicians love to have dogs as their companions?  Musicians tend to say far more in their music than they can ever say in their  human words.   So, it is the same for us dogs.   We go through this life on earth, searching for those words.   But, I have learned far more about Nancy in her saxophone playing than any of her garbled words.  She really is comfortable in her own skin even if she has gained a little weight (see the last blog).  I too am comfortable in the dog body I live in.

Quite a unique dog,   that I am writing a blog; but, I know what brings me peace and joy.   I don’t question Nancy’s music, I just listen.   Sometimes you humans simply need to listen to a person’s tune through music because they can’t quite find the words for you to understand them.  Only us dogs and a very select few  get that! (Sorry, not judging, just saying!)  At the end of the day, I just make sure that Nancy has spoken through her music, so I can know that her heart is beating.



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