Baggy Pants: September 28, 2022

Baggy Pants: September 28, 2022

I wonder how many of my dog peers have to tolerate listening to their  human companions moan about ridding themselves from their baggy pants?  Here is what I have been listening to lately, so I decided to share it since “misery loves company” as they say!    Besides, I suppose I can let Nancy share my blog occasionally, don’t you think?    Here are her words about baggy pants.

“I think I finally found a scapegoat for gaining those nasty extra pounds that I have endured  for far too long.   Can you guess what it is?  I am sure that we can all come up with answers to that question, right?   Well, it is those wonderful, yet in my case, awful baggy pants I wore while teaching over a year on the internet.  Those pants that were forgiving and forgetful when I indulged in hours of watching so many movies and TV series during the pandemic.  Oh, and who could forget those loosely fit pants when instead of running in them, I was trying new baking recipes in them, only to eat my experiments. Yup, those were the pants that I am sitting in right now.

Now, it seems  my “joggers” as L.L. Bean named them, need to become detached from me so I can take my life back to a more  balanced  existence.  Did I just say balanced?    Now, I am already off on another  random tangent just when I thought that I found an obtainable subject to eliminate oneself of those objects of nuisance – baggy  and jogger pants.    Let me stick to one subject at a time.”

There, that is just a quick clip of what I have to listen to at my home all the time.   I am so thankful I don’t obsess about what I am to wear!

2 thoughts on “Baggy Pants: September 28, 2022

  1. Oh Harmony – I had to chuckle when I read this one. One of the perks of being a dog is that you don’t ever have to worry about what to wear. I’m so thankful for my work from home days for that very reason! There’s so much to think about with clothes – be glad that’s one decision you don’t have to make every day. Enjoy these beautiful fall days!

  2. Oh boy do I know what you mean about those pants! Whenever I get a puppy I always gain weight because the puppy and I spend a lot of time tethered together and in the kitchen. I always thought – if I’m in the kitchen anyway I might as well make something – and it’s never some low calorie good-for-you thing like tofu salad or something. You can believe that. I feel your pain, but it’s good to have a little “extra” in case you get sick – you need a little something to go on if you lose your appetite, right?

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