Being Still: September 24, 2022

Being Still: September 24, 2022

Today I decided to just sit on one of the beautiful rocks near our house and listen. First, I had to block out the traffic on the nearby street. Then, I just sat and listened. There was barely any wind, so I waited for the sound of critters scurrying to their adventures and birds above us. I wondered how many humans and dogs were taking time, to work on the the art of being still.

Off in  the distance, I observed rays of sunshine, pushing their way through the trees. The vast varieties of trees that I took notice of mostly had all of their greenery. But, as you can see, there are  some colored leaves by my paws in one photo.   Oh, then there was  a small plane, approaching above us and departing with both crescendos and decrescendos.  The phrases of the music in the air have me almost dancing. I prefer to continue to listen. 

I sure do enjoy seeing my wishbone tree that I walk by every day.  Today as you go out and about,  take notice of all the unique trees in your path. Focus on the beauty surrounding you. Don’t dread the winter months that will  soon be here; but, embrace the changing of the seasons in both nature and your lives.


One thought on “Being Still: September 24, 2022

  1. Great advice and lovely pics, Harmony! I’ll be taking my walk soon and in your honor, I will listen to the trees. I wonder often why people wear ear buds. Nature truly revitalizes me. Have a lovely day… I’ll be praying for those in line of hurricane Ian along the Fl coast. Xo Hugs, Lori

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