Love this Season! September 17, 2022

Love this Season! September 17, 2022

Like most days, I was up long before the sun.   Such a beautiful time to inhale this favorite season of mine!   There is that crisp feeling of the anticipation of cooler weather, along with the expectancy of all of those fall colors that will appear.  Seriously, who would not love this time of year in Minnesota?   I feel like I am cleaning out my whole sensory system at this time of year because I am smelling and seeing  all of those favorite fall things.    As I borrow Nancy’s computer to write the blog, I see an e-mail come in about “hand-crafted  beverage” and I think to myself, gosh, I don’t think we ever stop and buy any pumpkin spice drinks or dog treats anymore?    Partially, because they cost too much and well, I don’t care for pumpkin spice anything.

Besides, I am not in need of dog treats like so many other dogs.  I much prefer my rewards, as time spent with my humans.  Take for instance yesterday; I was able to accompany  my humans to a physical therapy appointment.   Yup, we confidently strolled through the clinic building.   We did not leave time for anyone to ask “hey, that dog can’t be in here!” we just, marched in and out of elevators.   As we exited  the building, some of those that were spectators upon our arrival seemed to have a pleasant smirk on their faces.    I believe they liked our tenacious  and jubilant prance.

Now, the sun is rising and I will finish my blog.   I hope that you have a relaxing weekend planned?   Whether you are stopping for a “hand-crafted beverage” or simply staying home, take time to listen, smell and observe all the beauty surrounding you.    Expect to have a great day!  There, don’t you just love my shorter blogs?!     À bientôt!  P.S.  That is a photo from last fall.

One thought on “Love this Season! September 17, 2022

  1. Loved “I believe they liked our tenacious and jubilant prance”
    Have a wonderful day! Lovely pic! 🍁🍂🤗 xo~Lori

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