Focus: September 9, 2022

Focus: September 9, 2022


Today, well, it was just one of those days that I feel I succeeded in helping my humans relax.   I believe when I go outside each morning to play fetch the ball, it is equally important for Nancy as me.  As you can see from the photo I am including, I have so much fun fetching my orange ball.  Certainly, we have a healthy routine going here.  I get to enjoy the exercise while we all enjoy all the senses that are awakened  from the outdoors.   It is our happy time! There is no talking, no agenda for about twenty minutes, except.  inhale and exhale the peace of the beauty surrounding us.

Some people and even dogs  relax by listening to music, while I tend to prefer silence. Oh sure, when the radio is left on when I am left at home, I don’t complain.  Have you ever noticed that I don’t complain about anything? OK, maybe some weeks I hint that I am not feeling it for my blog writing; but, that is more me being lackadaisical.  Eventually that half- heartedness rolls back to lightheartedness. 
Focus. When I play fetch, I focus on that ball as you see in my photo. I like that word, focus. I think “focus” has multiple meanings for you all?! For starters, we focus on the positive! Hello, that is always my intent! If you are dealing with Nancy, she will constantly make reference to focus in tone. I guess the goal is to center the tone, whatever that means. Ask her, that is not my specialty 😉!  
Focus is a subject that requires far more than what this blog can cover. I will leave you with this quote:   “I once heard someone say that success is not hocus pocus but focus focus.” David DeNotaris.    Please share your focus today. 

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  1. Hello Harmony, I see it is raining there. It is a beautiful day here in Central Ohio. I think I’ll golf today. Oh, I love silence too, and music! I actually listened to the song You Are So Beautiful, this morning out of nowhere (haven’t heard it in years). We can sing that song to just about anyone or anything depending on our focus. I love your picture here and how focused you are on the orange ball. Enjoy the day and the weekend! Love, Lori

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