Minnesota Twin’s Baseball Withdrawals: July 23, 2022

Minnesota Twin’s Baseball Withdrawals: July 23, 2022

Has anyone else felt the Minnesota Twin’s Baseball withdrawal symptoms this week?   Sure, it was exciting watching Bryon Buxton hit a home run in the All-Star Game; but, what about the other days of no baseball games?    We even thought of traveling to those local baseball games “Town Hall Baseball” in various locations.  Unfortunately, that idea was cut short because it was so hot outside.    Instead, I was stuck inside watching a TV show of 9 episodes.

Gosh, maybe I should start a TV series?    There are already so many series on baking and talent shows, so where does that leave me?   It is rather simple.   I could try to  persuade my breeder, Musique Standard Poodles,  to start a series on her amazing puppy training.   Seriously, those were some of my favorite times with my puppy litter.  People need to be educated on how us adorable puppies don’t just pop out and “voila” we are instantly great for life!   We are trained with all kinds of stimulating activities.

Just take a look at Musique Standard Poodle’s puppy set-up.   Imagine the first episodes of Musique Standard Poodles by just looking at these photos of the recent puppies.  People would become inspired to get their dogs in agility training. I know, I wish I could have done agility training; but, I am a dog so I don’t dwell on the “would ifs” like you humans.  🙃🤔 Aren’t those new puppies adorable?!  Oh, the Minnesota Twin’s are playing now, so off I go now.

Have an awesome week!      Photo credits   to Jill from Musique Standard Poodles.   Thanks Jill!

One thought on “Minnesota Twin’s Baseball Withdrawals: July 23, 2022

  1. Oh my gosh, those puppies are just adorable! It’s funny, coincidental perhaps, that I was thinking about you Harmony, and your journey to be with Nancy & Greg on Friday as we were flying back from Portland, Maine. And it kind of relates to the story I’m about to tell if the puppies are adopted by a family that’s not nearby. Why was I thinking of you, you might ask? As we were waiting for our plane to arrive, which was transporting passengers from Minneapolis to Portland, it pulled into the gate. Two passengers disembarking really caught my eye. The first, a young boy traveling alone and being walked off the plane with a flight attendant who burst into an embrace with his grandmother when he saw her. It still makes me teary thinking about it. The pure love in that moment was a blessing to witness. The other passenger, a beautiful young poodle dog! This dog was thrilled to see people and everything about the way it walked and “smiled” at the people it saw was another pure joy to witness! And that made me think of you Harmony, as I could easily imagine you having been that happy, confident dog walking so proudly after a long plane ride. Wishing you a wonderful week full of sunshine and happy surprises!

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