July 20, 2022

July 20, 2022

Tonight, I decided to go for a walk to see if that would inspire me for my blog writing this week. Once outside, I heard an instant symphony.  I imagined myself walking through a live impressionistic canvas with paint brushes being the swaying  of the trees. The rays of sunshine peeking through all the trees was just enough light for the  pointillism.

Stepping back looking at my canvas and imagining the birds in their position, I started to hear the subtle sounds that intertwined with my selected draft. I chose a tempo quite consistent with our walk, with occasional fermatas. Just like the sounds faded at times, so did the clouds hint of their vague assigned positions.

It wasn’t until we were back to our house that my dream state was jolted back to reality.   Isn’t it nice to let our minds and hearts travel to those peaceful places and memories.   And here, you thought us dogs don’t get sentimental, huh?!    After all, I do live with quite a dreamer you know.    I still am holding my breath to go to France with her one day.   Until then, here is a random photo of the lovely lilies that bloomed on the side of our house recently.  Oh, and Happy Birthday, Tony!

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