Not Bored! July 1, 2022

Not Bored! July 1, 2022

Today,  it was quite a normal morning until I saw this huge “thing” in our backyard. I didn’t think Nancy had even seen it when she let me outside.   So, I did what any dog does when they need to get someone’s attention. I barked until she came outside to see the “thing” hanging over the fence.   First I thought it was some monster that had died and the  drenched  body hung over the fence with it’s leafy arms hanging to the ground.    You see, this “thing” was intertwined in Greg’s ham radio wire antennas.  I stood back as Nancy came out in her pajamas and robe to fight off  the “thing” and I earnestly surveyed the area for other signs of more intruders.   Once it was moved outside of the fenced in yard, I was able to continue my morning routine.

Now, isn’t it amazing how we need our morning routine to be interrupted on occasion?   We try not to be too boring around here; but, that being said, we are quite boring.    That is not the same as being bored however.   Nope, we rarely are bored.  Come on, if you lived with these humans in my home, you would know what I mean.  People are rarely who they seem to be to the public eye and I know there are many dogs and pets out there that could confirm my observations.   I suppose you want me to give you an example of our silly lives?  Hey, there are some things us dogs don’t even share!

I think my continued grooming will finish soon?   You know how it seems to spread over at least a week.  In order to accompany my  friends on our annual July 4th weekend playing of Patriotic tunes, I need to be groomed.   OK, I better get moving……have a great weekend!

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  1. Ah yes, we are creatures of habit, aren’t we? It’s funny how we just take that for granted until something snaps us out of that routine. Enjoy the grooming – I hope you feel amazing after it’s finished, much like a human comes out of a hair salon feeling so much better. And enjoy the patriotic tunes and celebration of a long holiday weekend!

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