Resetting Buttons: June 9, 2022

Resetting Buttons: June 9, 2022

Sometime, we all need a reset button for ourselves.  That is my excuse for skipping my blog last week.  Perhaps you had not even noticed that I skipped last week?  But, I am emerging with exuberance and motivation once again to keep some lightheartedness in all of our lives.   I think my trip to our local Subaru for  the car’s oil change helped me reset too.   At Subaru, everyone welcomed me as if I were their own dog, offering me dog treats and more than enough attention.    It is odd how new surroundings can help all of us regain our perspective!

We took more lingering walks this week as well to reset our buttons.  Yes, I do mean that my companions needed resets just as much as I did.   It isn’t as though we would have missed those beautiful purple wild flowers in our backyard; but, we took more time to gaze at their natural splendor. As we walked, we looked for signs of jack-in-the-pulpits to appear again.  None yet, I am afraid to report.    Nearby,  the birds soared both near and  far while they sung their majestic tunes.   Taking center stage, I soon became the main character, trying to improvise my part as I stood in awe of the props I was sitting amongst.

Without being included in this part of Nancy’s  reset, she went off early to spend a few hours resetting back into her  saxophone practicing mode.    She tried to explain to me that her stage had to be silent and void of props so she could hear the sounds internally.   Once those sounds could be transferred through her saxophone, the reset buttons could do their part.   However, I understand that it was more than a reset for her saxophone playing.   A full power off and on was necessary.   Gosh, if you understand all that, then you are ahead of me.  My reset is far less complex.    I just know that we both are feeling much better today, than a week ago.   I hope you know when to step back and reset your buttons too?!

3 thoughts on “Resetting Buttons: June 9, 2022

  1. Hello Harmony, I’m getting caught up on your blog this morning. It seems to be getting more and more creative and informative. I do reset my buttons quite often. Every morning, to be exact. If I don’t, I might carry a burden from yesterday. So this way, I’m renewed each morning with a lighthearted perspective. Like you!

    Thank you so much for this wonderful blog which you have continued. I remember it from the beginning.
    Hi Nancy🥰

  2. So glad you’re back after the reset! Summer is a great time to reset and I think we all need to do that, even if we don’t recognize it. The purple flowers are just beautiful! If you need Jack in the Pulpits, you need to come see them in my garden. They have taken up residence and some have grown quite large. And I don’t know about you, but I find nature and music to be the perfect combination when I need a reset. So glad you’ve regained your exuberance! Wishing you a wonderful week!

  3. Thanks Harmony for the reminder. I truly do need to reset my buttons as well and hope I can do it as well as you and Nancy did. Sometimes the “perfect storm” of events pops up and feels a bit overwhelming but we all seem to get through those times if we just keep an eye on the prize.
    Forward and keep smelling those flowers! I can smell lilacs from my porch now – delightful! That really means spring/summer is here or very close. I hope it hurries up!

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