Anticipation: May 14, 2022

Anticipation: May 14, 2022

I think you will agree with me that my past week was  filled with anticipation.  From severe thunderstorms to new blooming tulips and tree blossoms,  my eyes and ears are wide open.  Let me start with the huge thunderstorms I encountered this past week.    After quite a tranquil day, everything seemed to change when Nancy arrived home from teaching.  Suddenly, we were in the basement bathroom with a little radio listening to the weather updates.    From the weather forecast, we were anticipating anything.  Of course, our biggest anticipation was to hope the storm would pass over homes without damage.    We were so thankful that friends and family were OK after several days of storms.

Also, at this time of year, I anticipate a lot of lawn mowing. Simply put, I will be outside a lot more playing fetch at the same time as Nancy mows the  lawn. I truly like the concept of anticipation because it relates so well to hope.   According to Nancy each time she plays her instrument,  she anticipates what’s going to come out of the instrument.  Sometimes the saxophone reed allows her to produce the sound in her head that she anticipates.  But, other times the dissonance between what’s in her head and what comes out of the saxophone  is excruciating.

I guess my biggest hope and anticipation for the summer is far more walks and longer walks. Certainly that cannot be too much to ask for,  right?  So what are all of my blog readers anticipating for this summer?  Oh, and Nancy said to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her niece, Sarah W. today!    Happy Birthday, Sarah!   Hope you are having a beautiful birthday weekend?!

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  1. The flowers are just gorgeous! I do love spring with the longer days and flowering trees and of course flowers! But this weather we’ve had – my mom and I were just talking that we don’t remember a spring where we’ve had so much hail. And then we volley from 15 degrees below normal to 15 degrees above normal. I guess it’s good to be prepared for anything! My favorite parts of summer are outdoor concerts, fireworks, impromptu gatherings with neighbors and friends, and hearing the birds singing on my early morning walks. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

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