“Spring” in My Step: May 3, 2022

“Spring” in My Step: May 3, 2022

Finally, our  spring walks are giving us a little more “spring” in our steps!   As I walk,  I am acutely aware of the birds returning  from their winter  getaways.  To me, I think they are singing louder than ever, or is it that after their absence for the past six months, I am simply more appreciative.   Isn’t it interesting how we react when something returns after a journey away?

After listening and looking up to see all the birds singing, I almost missed the blooming plants around me.  Definitely, I am reminded why I put up with Minnesota winters after  my  beautiful spring walk.    Seriously, in the future, I better take up some snow sport to survive another winter like this past one! Anyhow, I noticed that the side flower bed is going to need some new soil to cover the iris bulbs.  I have included a photo of that bed to show how odd the iris bulbs look above the ground.

Once again, we are hosting Mother’s Day, so you know what that means, right?   You guessed it, time to organize  the house.   I am really excited because I think my friend Brie will be visiting too!?  Weather permitting, we can go on some adventure hikes on the trail nearby.  For sure, I will make sure that everyone takes time to listen to the birds and observe the glorious springtime surroundings.

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