Happy Easter! April 15, 2022

Happy Easter! April 15, 2022

Actually, I thought I would be writing my blog outside on the deck today; but, it is far too cold.   After   I managed to take a photo of the lovely flower pot our neighbor gave us, I went indoors.    To my delight, I  also realized that I could write my blog while watching the Minnesota Twin’s  baseball game on TV.     No, I am simply going to dictate my blog and have Nancy type it so I can chill out on Greg’s lap now.

It is the beautiful celebration of Easter this Sunday. According to my humans, Easter is about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Remember, I mostly avoid religion and politics on my blog.   Easter also coincides with the season of Spring.    Spring is working hard to make an appearance this weekend by at least providing clear sunny skies.   When we went for a short walk today, I was a bit sorry that my long winter coat had been shaved off already. I am glad I can watch the baseball game inside instead of outside today.

Let me think if there is anything else to add for this blog?  My buddy Greg has not been feeling well this week.   So, since I am  a great therapy dog, I am killing two birds with one stone  by dictating my weekly blog and cuddling up to Greg.  OK, that about does it for this week!    Happy Easter!


2 thoughts on “Happy Easter! April 15, 2022

  1. Happy Easter to you and your family! I hope you were able to enjoy the morning sunshine. My dad always used to say spring snow is great for the fields because it’s not only liquid but has nutrients for the soil. Now my dad was known to embellish and I never fact-checked that, but that’s what I always tell myself when it snows in April. It will ultimately make my flowers bloom beautifully and bring sweet summer raspberries. Dreaming of those warm summer days and wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

  2. Happy Easter to Harmony and everyone else in her household! The plant is very lovely – my favorite, Jonquils, right? You are very good, Harmony, for taking care of Greg and I hope he is feeling better soon. Dylan was just “groomed” (more like shaved) on Wednesday so he too wishes he had that horrendous huge coat back, but I don’t. He looks like a poodle again instead of an overgrown Bouvier! Besides, he smells a lot better too! Keep up your cheerful attitude and have a fun day on Easter. We are having a bunch of guests (15) for brunch so the house will be full of whining, barking, running around wildly and loud noises. I think the dogs might get a little excited too!

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