You Can Do This! April 8, 2022

You Can Do This! April 8, 2022

Why is it that when someone tells us we can’t do something, we are motivated to prove them wrong? Before I came to join my forever home, I was busy prancing in the show dog rings.   I recall that Jill (my breeder from Musique Standard Poodles)  was always confident in me with encouraging and motivating words.   But, even those times that I did not win in the show ring, her support and love for me was never diminished.  Let me encourage you to be someone’s cheerleader today!     Whether a dog or human, we all need someone to believe in us!

If I may, let me share one of Nancy’s stories of motivation and support.   Way back when she was more active in Amateur Ham Radio, some  of her engineer friends tried to discourage her.     They said, “There is no way you could pass the extra class license exam for Ham Radio!”   Yup, you guessed it, and the challenge was on. Both of those engineers did NOT have their extra class licenses yet, and she passed a few months after they taunted her with their false claims. By the way, to this day, I don’t think either engineer has passed their extra class test.   Please readers, share your success stories of never giving up!

Today, is the home opener for the Minnesota Twin’s Baseball team.   I sure hope their coaches and teammates are speaking words of encouragement to the team.  They did not have a great season last year.  However, let their possible discouragement be in the past and perhaps when they hear  “ah, the Twin’s can’t win” they instead will be empowered to prove everyone wrong.

Time for me to do my happy dance for you and us!   I am cheering you on in whatever your challenge is today!

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