All Joy, No Stress

All Joy, No Stress

There is a new song playing around us this past week. It is “All Joy, No Stress” by Rhett Walker.   The deafening blare of the radio came as a surprise to me  because Nancy rarely cranks up the volume of the radio.  In fact, usually songs with a strong bass line, annoy her.   Here are some of the words from the song.   “All joy, no stress.   No worries I’m blessed from early in the morning till the crickets and the sun done set.  All joy.”   Now, doesn’t that sound like a song, I myself would have written?

Yes, I am committed to continue this “lighthearted” blog as Louie requested.  I suppose now you want a video of me dancing to the song?   But, I don’t think one can possibly replicate those first minutes of listening to the song.   Of course, I can always prance with you if you choose to add  the song to your playlist. Then, we can go for a prance while listening to the music.  Don’t you just love it when I tell you what we can do?!

Today, is the first day of April. I am going to choose to ignore that some call it April Fool’s Day since I think that is foolish!  Instead, let’s think like Rhett Walker’s song, “All Joy, No Stress!”


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