Almost Done Grooming: March 22, 2022

Almost Done Grooming: March 22, 2022

There is dog therapy and then, there is human therapy.  I am pleased to announce that I was instrumental in being part of both this past weekend.    It wasn’t as though I was  yearning to be groomed until I was groomed!  I think Nancy trimmed 3-4 inches off of my winter coat, all while I felt so pampered in her arms. Yup, most of my clipping was done in her lap – don’t judge us, we are kind of joined at the hip you know!  Nancy claims that grooming me is her favorite human therapy and I am not quite sure what that means, except that she is definitely in her happy place with me.

Human therapy is often best achieved by taking one’s mind off of themselves.  Thus, grooming me is quite beneficial.     Golly gee, I feel rather honored now that I can help facilitate human therapy all while being groomed.    The cool part, is that this grooming process goes on for days.   I still  need  my paws shaved more and toenails ground.  Seriously, can I just prance down the trail without being evaluated  for more grooming?

Spring is here in Minnesota, which means there will be rainy days.  Now that my long hair is gone, my rain coats will fit me better.   No, I don’t mind getting wet;  but,  Nancy insists on making me wear those ridiculous coats in inclement weather.  In her defense, I guess most people wear rain coats when it is raining?   Rainy days remind Nancy of Paris.  Oh no, here come the Paris memories……we better go there soon because I want to experience France too!  Shucks, she just told me I have to enjoy Paris through her music instead of real life adventures….sigh!

Here is my photo after being “mostly” groomed.

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  1. You look just wonderful. Sadly the mini poodle who resides here (Dylan) does not look quite as handsome. Once I get through with him he won’t look quite as handsome either as I am a TERRIBLE groomer! Fortunately he has an appointment with our regular groomer in a couple of weeks so she can “fix” my grooming. Thank heavens for Tracie of Doggy Do Grooming!

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