Meeting Sullivan (Sully): March 6, 2022

Meeting Sullivan (Sully): March 6, 2022

It was quite a typical day until  I finally met the neighbor dog that lives behind us. I had watched him prance that hill often.   I never wanted to interrupt his peaceful walks as he appeared to be contemplating all  the surrounding sights and sounds.  Us dogs give each other space. But then, while I was outside, Sullivan (Sully) and his companion appeared by our fence. To say how excited I was to finally meet Sully in person and his companion, would be an understatement.    Pumped  with exhilaration, I tried to keep my manners checked until Nancy approached  to assist  with our first acquaintance.

Seriously, instead of just letting Sully in the backyard with me, they had to do all those human rules of us meeting.   I could tell that Sully was rather impatient too as we just wanted to get to our playtime.  It did not take long to sense that my  far larger size did not intimidate Sully at all.  We had so much fun and now, I can’t wait until spring for perhaps, more playtime with Sully.   Gosh, it sure made me miss Serenade and Louie even more than I already do.  But, hey I am a dog, and I am not suppose to think about such things.  

I suppose that  half foot of snow that we got  last night will hinder Sully’s path to my house for a few weeks?!   I don’t suppose I can persuade Nancy to snow blow a path to his house, do you?   This is not that fluffy type of now, but so thick and heavy.  For that reason, even my backyard is not being snow blown, only our driveway.   Anyhow, I sure love having so many neighbors with awesome dogs (and humans) and I hope to see more of them as spring approaches.   Anyhow, let me now introduce Sully via photos, along with a photo of our new snow this morning.


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