Baseball! March 1, 2022

Baseball! March 1, 2022

It is March and that means, baseball is right around the corner!  What? Did I hear right that there could be a lockout for the season Major League Baseball (MLB)?  Here is what Matt Snyder  from CBS Sports said  “Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association reportedly made progress toward an agreement for a new collective bargaining agreement that would end the owner-imposed lockout after a marathon negotiating session Monday that lasted until the early morning hours. MLB had originally created a deadline of Monday (Feb. 28) to reach an agreement before canceling regular-season games and postponing 2022 Opening Day.”

Gosh,   I wish there was a way that I could be  a part of those negotiations about the MLB!  But, of course, I do not know all of the factors in their bargaining agreement.  I do know that at this house, we love baseball.    It did occur to me that if the MLB is delayed or cancels part of their season, I could find time to attend Nancy’s great-nephew, Jackson’s baseball games!   In fact, that sounds like a great idea even if the MLB resolves their agreements.    We would be able to see Jackson’s lovely family and obviously, we would be able to enjoy the great outdoors!

Well now, that feels pretty good since  I turned a negative situation into a positive!   While I was so obsessed with being able to view the Minnesota Twins on TV, I realized there was a far better option waiting to be discovered.    I am sure all of you can think of your favorite softball/baseball players to support this season.  I know I am going to be one of Jackson’s biggest fans!  Bonus, Jackson’s parents are way cool too!

Now, how about if you share how you altered your attitude lately?

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