February 22, 2022: Tricki Woo

February 22, 2022: Tricki Woo

On Sunday,   the second season of “All Creatures Great and Small” aired the  last episode.  Not only did I love all the characters in the show, I learned that I certainly am not the only dog spoiled on this earth!

I did a little research about Tricki Woo.  He is  a pekingese dog.    His own owner  is  Jill Clark.  Jill says “They’re incredible little dogs, the nicest, bravest little dogs I think I’ve ever met.  They have their own personalities, which just seep out of them  When it comes to training, they’re very, very clever.  Derek (Tricki Woo) is  like a diva – he likes his own space and he likes to do what he wants to do.”    Jeepers, I guess I am a bit of a diva too since the couch we have, truly is my  own space.   Did you know that the only reason they still have the big “L” shaped couch, is because of me?

Actually, I love all of the characters on “All Creatures Great and Small” and I suppose I could write many blogs about the show.    From the vast personalities of  the cast, they have James Herriot, the caring and mild personality to Mrs. Hall’s  impeccable management of the household. I even  dream of being a dog in their house.   Although, I am not complaining about my present home!

Mrs. Pumphrey  certainly seems to have wonderful communication with that Tricki Woo.    I know many laugh about her being so obsessed about her Tricki Woo; but, true dog lovers can relate to that special bond.  It was just last night when I walked over to Nancy to tell her I needed more food……all it took, was that look.   She knows my expressions that say far more than often one human word.  Ah, thank you “All Creatures Great and Small” for a glimpse into the world of everything wonderful!

Here is a photo of Tricki Woo.

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