Valentine’s Week 2022

Valentine’s Week 2022

Ah, I missed wishing all of you a Happy Valentine’s Day!  Truthfully, I want to spread my love around all the time, so I guess it is OK if I am a day late.  To me, every day should be a day to say I Love You!   I hear it all the time in our home, whether it is human to human or human to me.  There are so many ways that we say I love you, right?    Personally, my favorite is to simply be there for someone!  Us dogs have that one mastered.  No matter what your day has been like or how happy or sad you are, we are always  present.  Just think about it, you never hear someone say to a dog, “Are you listening?”  That is because we are always present, listening and no, we are not  selective listeners, just listeners.

Before I wrote this blog today, I had the privilege to go with Nancy to deliver a bunch of the  sugar cookies pictured  below.  If you were not a recipient of these cookies, either you may not have  requested any, or you were unavailable.  Trust me, it is certainly not a matter of not being  loved.   By the way, we are not done delivering all of them yet, so don’t jump to conclusions yet.  HA!   Gosh, then there are the people that won’t eat one little sugar cookie because of their diet.   OK, I am not even going to comment on that one.   I am a dog who would annoy you when I say I can eat almost anything and not gain weight.  Besides, I prefer hugs and kisses over treats, seriously!

What  are some things you like to receive on Valentine’s Day?    I hope everyone gets a Valentine from at least one person or dog?   I mean, I could have sent some out, but I was too busy supervising the production of those Valentine sugar cookies.  At our last stop, I was able to see my fried Brie (Brioche) for only a short time since her human parents were working.    She was celebrating her second birthday and I have included those photos too. (Isn’t she adorable!)  Brie lives with the beautiful humans that got this dog blog going and host it.   Gosh, I wonder when Brie will have her own blog?    Have a sweet week everyone!

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