Happy Birthday, Betty! February 8, 2022

Happy Birthday, Betty! February 8, 2022

I understand that one of my loyal readers is having a birthday this very day.   Let me say Happy Birthday, Betty!  Everyone at our house sends you wishes for a lovely birthday today.   I suppose if I wrote my blog every day that someone special we know  has a birthday, I would have to write more often.   Happy Birthday all of the February birthday people  out there.

Just after we were informed that the Valentine sugar cookies may not happen this year, I started to smell homemade pizza instead. I mean, it was lunchtime and we were making pizza.  What’s up with that anyway?  Usually, we make pizza for the evening meal, so it caught me off guard.   Diversion from the regular routine can be very refreshing.   You all know that our routine is not that exciting and quite frankly, that suits this dog just fine.    No, I did not get any pizza as I am still pushing them to create a pizza worthy of this dog connoisseur.

Since my blog today is rather random, let me go off on yet another tangent.   It is almost Valentine’s Day and Super Bowl Sunday.   What do they have in common?   It means that February is soon half-way over and yup, the thought of the cold winter will soon be gone.  Winter gone, now that is SWEET!    Oh, not to mention my massive thick coat of hair.   I must admit that I do cherish all the times when I get brushed out.  That is all for today friends!  Happy Birthday, Betty!

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