January 29, 2022: Left at Home

January 29, 2022: Left at Home

Today,  Nancy went to visit her Mom without me. Her only instructions  were clear and concise. I was to write a blog. C’est tout! (That is that’s all, in French.)  So I suppose I better write now because she’s on her way home. I can tell you that the news I am allowed to share on my blog is rather sparse.

You are probably wondering what I did all day if Nancy was elsewhere? Well, I ended up staying home alone while Greg went out to lunch with his brother. I know, you would think that Greg would’ve wanted some quality alone time with me for the whole day?!  But no, I found out how  much I  rate, ha ha.  However, in defense for Greg, I think if it was warmer outside, they maybe would’ve picked up take out to dine with me at home. A dog can only dream right? 

When Nancy arrived at  home,  I asked her what her and her Mom did besides eating lunch?  She said that they did some coloring.    At first I was a bit perplexed until she described the activity as twofold.  While coloring, one is able to both relax and chat with the person they are visiting.    Actually, I think that sounds like a  refreshing activity   I wonder if they make special pencils so that dogs can color  with their paws? Maybe for now, I will simply enjoy the peaceful moments with  Nancy if she  embraces coloring at our house.

P.S. Since I don’t have permission to share a photo of them coloring, I am including a photo of some tulips that Nancy received from a  lovely student’s Mom this week.  

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