A Sad Week of Losing Ike: January 15, 2021

A Sad Week of Losing Ike: January 15, 2021

This week, we learned our dear friend Dana (and her family) had to say good-be to their  precious dog, Ike.  Dana and family, we are deeply sorry for the huge loss – Ike was so so special!    For years now,  we enjoy reading  Dana’s words of wisdom in the comments on this blog.  Through many of her writings, we have had the pleasure to read about her spunky and loving Ike.   When the time is right, we will feature some photos and perhaps some stories about Ike; but, for now, I can only say to Dana, I will miss reading about Ike and I am so sorry that I never met Ike in person.    I don’t think it is a secret that my owners are rather protective of me so I don’t get around much.  Anyhow, I sure hope that Dana feels my blog is a place to share all her Ike memories anytime.

Currently, we are in the midst of a small snowstorm here in Minnesota.  I got to model a few dog coats until one fit me OK.  So, off we went traipsing through the wet snow, wearing my new hand-me-down coat.  Hey, it wasn’t my idea to need a coat!   However,  it was nice to not come back home partially dry from the wet snow.    Jeepers, there must be at least  six dog sweaters/coats that former dogs from this home wore.    I guess it is just another observation that I am extremely doted on because I never saw Louie or Serenade wear any of those dog coats?  Now, it is the life of an “only child” as I have far too much.     I will nudge them to donate some of those cool dog sweaters, etc. to more needy dogs!

What else would you like me to write about?  I  am still really gloomy  that Ike is gone.    Dana and family, I look forward to devoting a whole blog to Ike when you feel ready to share your photos and memories. You have taught me not to wait to go meet someone I hear about, because we never know when our time is up.   Sending you and all of my readers cuddly hugs.   P.S.  I know my photo is similar to last week.   Come on, we lost a beautiful dog this past week……sometimes, I am just sad.   See you someday soon in Heaven Ike!

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