Cold Minnesota! January 8, 2021

Cold Minnesota! January 8, 2021

This  week, I am once reminded why I am not a huge fan of winter in Minnesota.  Of course as I write this blog,  I am dictating to a computer so I can remain snuggled on the couch on my sherpa blanket.   Was I complaining, no, not this dog! I almost have forgotten what it is like to go on my long walks.   Those walks to the mailbox certainly do not suffice for anything.   No, they are simply teasers for me to want more!

Yesterday, Nancy continued to work on cleaning out her basement so they could use  that  room as a fitness room.    As you already know, I am a pretty intelligent dog and I knew immediately that meant, less walks if THAT  treadmill is in service.  But, imagine my hope when the treadmill did not work once they plugged it in? Just about the time they realize they can’t even use the treadmill, the weather forecast is for warmer weather. Voila!

In other words, Minnesota is certainly not boring when it comes to the weather, is it?    Just when I think I won’t be able to enjoy the outdoors for awhile, the weather changes.    Maybe we can all learn a bit from the weather?   While the weather can constantly change around us, we must make sure that we don’t let it change our attitude.  Obviously,  unless of course, your attitude is negative!  Us dogs, we are perpetual positive attitude adjusters for our humans.

Season 2 of “All Creatures Great and Small” is premiering January 9th.  At least if it remains frigid cold, I can be watching an interesting show.  Maybe this season, someone will bring a standard poodle to the veterinarians?   OK, yes I am open to viewing all the animals on the show!   I really love seeing the horses. Well, I like seeing all the animals and humans on that show.   I would be curious to learn who your favorite characters are on “All Creatures”  whether, human or animal?

One thought on “Cold Minnesota! January 8, 2021

  1. Sorry to report I have never watched that show but maybe now I’ll have to check it out. You made it sound interesting for sure.
    My boys here, Roy and Dylan, don’t care for this cold weather much either and really miss playing outside and doing their field training in the snow. Dylan is little so he gets to go out front on a long leash but even that is too cold sometimes. Enjoy what you can and cozy up in the house when appropriate. Cozy is one part of winter that’s really nice! Happy days!

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