Merry Christmas! 2021

Merry Christmas! 2021

Merry Christmas weekend to you!   For those  of you interested, it was  my 6th birthday this week. Around our home,  it is  kinda like my birthday every day. I do think it’s kind of cool that my birthday is the same birthday week as Jesus! Because, after all He created all of us. I guess we have at least  one thing in common?! We both don’t seek attention.

The tradition continued this Christmas season of Nancy playing saxophone  for various Salvation Army and events.   While I was unable to accompany her to any of the events this year, I was delighted to learn that some of her wonderful  students (Gale, Anna and Nathan)  joined her for one of those days.  I had the pleasure of meeting them when Nancy brought me to lessons a few times.   Not only are  they great musicians, they all have such warm hearts.  Yup, us dogs sense that about people.

Speaking of warm hearts, I hope that the  spirit of Christmas, that of love, peace and joy continues all year for you.  Have you noticed that all of us creatures (dogs, cats, horses, etc.)  don’t change around Christmas?   We want to bring you joy, love and peace all year.   All while I hope that you figure out that you too can maintain the characteristics of Christmas in your heart always!  So my Christmas wishes for you are basically the same as every blog.   May it be full of lots of laughter, love, joy and of course, peaceful moments snuggled up to your loved humans and pets.

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  1. Merry Christmas to everyone at your household. Christmas Eve is special at our house because that’s when we have our family celebration for the holiday season. The dogs, Dylan and Roy, love this time because they get extra treats and extra attention from company. Last year of course there was no company but this year we are having a small family gathering – 6 guests instead of 25 like in the past, but there is enough love and laughter to go around no matter how many there are. Peace, joy and love to everyone this year – that’s what we’d all like. Let’s work on our part of it! It has to start somewhere!

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