Another Kitchen Blunder: December 9, 2021

Another Kitchen Blunder: December 9, 2021

Just when I thought that Nancy was going to be more careful after her spilled coffee accident,  she had another mishap in the kitchen.  While I realize a lot of you could relate to the spilled coffee, this one will be more humorous for those of you out there that like to bake.  The first batch of sugar cookie frosting was complete and everything looked fine. But then, when she made the second batch of frosting and started dipping the cookies into the frosting, she suddenly stopped.  She said, “Why is this frosting so weird because I have all the ingredients in it?”  She looked at me for advice; but, I was clueless and continued sleeping on the couch.  It was not until later after all the cookies were frosted that she went to open the microwave and gasped.  There, she saw that the melted butter was still in the microwave.  I overheard her phone her Mom about it. Her worst nightmares were diminished when her Mom said “ Well, who puts butter in frosting anyway?!”

And yes she keeps saying she’s gonna make me Christmas dog treats.  But,  I’ll believe it when I taste them. No, I don’t think I want frosting on my cookie treats!

You may ask why in the world would I  talk about butter not being in frosting for a blog;  isn’t thata waste of time? Absolutely not! I need to remind all of my listeners and readers that during this Christmas time and for the month of December, I will give you same reminders as all year long!  Take time, do not be in a hurry and most of all, play with your pets in the morning so they can be alert for your mistakes and caution  you!

One thought on “Another Kitchen Blunder: December 9, 2021

  1. I could totally relate to this story – it has occurred on more than one occasion that I’ve had something like this happen. But I always want to remind you and your readers, that sometimes these mistakes result in new and better ways of doing things and maybe that’s what Nancy’s mom was gently reminding her of. I think we can get stuck on the notion that there’s only one perfect way to do things, when that may not actually be the case. Now I know well enough that baking can be pretty specific with not a lot of room for error, but I sure do hope Nancy’s cookies turned out well. And may she finish with enough time to get to some holiday dog baking done for you Harmony – what a wonderful Christmas present that would be 🙂

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