Spilled Coffee: December 2, 2021

Spilled Coffee: December 2, 2021

Who would ever think a dog would write about the coffee being brewed at their house?   That is exactly my topic this early morning.  It was a very relaxed morning as I had already eaten my dog food and Nancy had drank her first cup of coffee. So, imagine my shock when she was suddenly running around the kitchen to grab paper towels to clean up the keurig coffee brewed without a cup in  place?    When I realized that was the problem, I went back to my couch.  No big deal, right?!  But then, to my amazement, she was trying to salvage that coffee.  There she was,  pouring it into a bowl from the coffee base gadget.    Oh, she thought she was quite frugal pouring that coffee into her cup to save it,  until…….. she saw something floating in her coffee?  Don’t ask me what it was because she threw it away before I could see what it was.    She cleans that coffee base quite often, but she said it was probably debris from previous coffee.  I will never know, will I?

OK, even if that was a terribly written paragraph above with long sentences and all that other stuff, I hope you all can laugh at yourselves too when you have little similar mishaps.    Now, that I would get a failed grade on this writing, I might as well ramble a bit more.   I suppose none of you are as scattered brained as Nancy was this morning?   Oh, we sure had our laughs about it, after the incident.

I am so glad that we could laugh together about the coffee accident.    The first thing on the agenda  today is to do one final backpack blowing and I wouldn’t want Nancy to be stressed while handling that machine!  Jeepers, can you imagine if she blew me away with the backpack blower?   Maybe I will stay in the house this time?   Remember my last blog about choosing JOY?!   Well today, I am glad we are choosing a positive attitude!

2 thoughts on “Spilled Coffee: December 2, 2021

  1. There’s a saying that laughter is the best medicine, and I couldn’t agree more! Being able to laugh at yourself and the foibles life throws at us is honestly a gift. And it sure makes life much more fun 🙂 Here’s hoping there’s no more wasted coffee in your house anytime soon and that you survived the backpack blower!

  2. Confession…
    I’ve done the this with my Keurig ( not the drinking part), but tempting!! I remember thinking what’s wrong with me to do such a thing. I feel better now that you’ve shared this. Have fun with the blower today, not to be blown away! Hugs! Xxx

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